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The Brand Book of CORE Code School

00. Corporative Identity

01. Our mission.

Bring code closer to people by making it easy to understand.

02. What we do.

Teach individuals to be accountable and highly skilled programmers.

03. Our Values
  • Integrity. We strive to be transparent, respectful, honest, and accountable to ourselves and others; integrity fosters trust and trust builds the bonds of community.
  • Collaboration. We are committed to creative, flexible, and generous ways of building bridges, working together, and communicating openly.
  • Innovation. We engage in creative risk-taking to build a more agile organization that in turn affects transformative change at the Institute, and in the world.
  • Diversity and Inclusion. We build and maintain a community and culture that celebrates and values diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives.
04. Value proposal.
  • Cloud First: We teach our students to develop in the cloud ecosystem by enriching its applications with cloud enabled services.
  • Microservice oriented: Scope defined services that scale are better than single source of truth.
  • Industry driven software design patterns and architectures : We choose our curriculum based on curated and distilled high quality job offers aligned with our values and vision of the tech ecosystem.
  • State of the art curriculum: Each one of our bootcamps and courses is updated quarterly with uprising technologies.
05. Naming conventions.
CORE Code School

Prefer using entire name "CORE Code School" when possible, use "CORE" as a shorter brand name. Name should always be written with "CORE" brand name in uppercase letters and if complete name is used, make sure it's capitalized "Code School". Avoid use capitalization for entire name.

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2022, CORE Code School™. Madrid Spain. v1.3.0

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